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EAGALA model explained
Power Tools for Living
Group Activity
Couple Activity
Videos and Pictures
EAP and EAL can be hard to explain or describe in words, being an experiential model. It is something that must be experienced to fully understand and appreciate. To help with that understanding we have included videos filmed and produced by EAGALA, as well as some pictures of EAP and EAL in progress. We are always open and available to provide more information if needed and requested. Please feel free to contact us either by phone or by the email links provided on these pages.
A brief description of what the EAGALA model is and how it can assist in therapy or learning goals for clients.
Testimonials from school district officials on the success of the Power Tools for Living curriculum teaching students emotional intelligence skills through the power of EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning. This program involving specific experiences with horses has brought significant changes to the behavior and success of the students and has been implemented across the schools in their district. 
Here a group works together for a learning experience.
This is an activity callled "Temptation Alley."
EAGALA in Practice Part 1
Geared toward mental health professionals, this video explains a bit about what we do.
EAGALA in Practice Part 2
Continuation of EAGALA in Practice Part 1
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